Porcelain is the origin of ANNA KIRYAKOVA’s artistic practice and the main material of her jewelry collections. In translucent white or pastel color, matted or in shimmering glaze it is transformed into elegant pieces: unique specimen, ranging between art and adornment. Earrings of filigree drops and studs of polygonal cut porcelain; dangling leaves, colorful bells, pills dipped into a bath of gold, and white chains of inextricably connected rings are integral parts of the collections, which are discretely inspired by natural elements and everyday objects.

ANNA KIRYAKOVA explores the manifold characteristics of the porcelain both by emphasizing its pure clarity and by presenting it in combination with wrought silver settings or in contrast to trivial material such as bicycle tubes. The unique pieces, the finger- and earrings, necklaces, bracelets or brooches are thereby never thought without the female body: Irrespective of acting as precious texture, geometric accent or organic completion, the jewelry is first of all supporting the natural beauty of the one wearing it.

Born in Bulgaria, Berlin based artist and ceramist ANNA KIRYAKOVA has a degree from the National High School of Plastic Arts and Design in Kazanlak and a Master in Ceramics from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. Her collection has been participating international in art and design events, and is represented by galleries and stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, München, Wismar and Basel (CH). Since 2011 ANNA KIRYAKOVA lives and works in Berlin.